Total Financial Control Of Your Money

Consider the wealth you’ve created in any year is all the money that you generate
from your employment (your gross income), your entrepreneurial opportunities (before taxes), and your current financial strategies (before fees and taxes).

Now, for most people, my family included, the number one use for the wealth we created is to finance life.


We pay for our house (mortgage), we pay for our cars (loans) and our household and children expenses including food, education, medical, childcare, entertainment,  vacations…..

…and in my family… martial arts training, gymnastics training, piano training…..

and through all this spending….

…the constant question that we continue to ask when something comes up….

….and something ALWAYS comes up …. (college planning, more cars, bigger house….)

“How do we finance this ?”

A simple question…..

….a question we all ask ourselves everyday as we make choices in  how we prioritize and deplete our wealth.

But have you looked at the bigger picture lately?

You know…the one where you step back and ask yourself….

“Where is all my money going?


“Who’s benefiting from the wealth we create?”

…cause it’s not me…..I’m broke…I’ve got too much debt…

For me, this is where Nelson Nash has helped to provide clarity.

… and this is where you can get some fantastic clarity on how to better manage debt so you and your family can keep more of the wealth you create!

My family and I as well as many others are benefiting from Nelson’s genius….

We will be sharing more about what we are learning and providing real examples of how to use Nelson’s strategies to “Become Your Own Banker”as well!

There is a lot of information available on how you can develop a strategy to gain total financial control over your wealth.

I’ve listed a few of the key terms that you can use to find out more information about how to create your own bank…

  • Becoming Your Own Banker
  • Infinite Banking Concept
  • Nelson Nash
  • Austrian Economics

 And here are some key books to help you along your path to discovery…

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and Start Your Path To Total Financial Control


Nelson Nash-Infinite Banking Concept-

R. Nelson Nash-Becoming Your Own Banker-Infinite Banking Concept

Building Your Warehouse of Wealth-Nelson Nash

R. Nelson Nash-Building Your Warehouse of Wealth-A Grassroots Method of Avoiding Fractional Reserve Banking – Think About It!


Carlos Lara-Robert Murphy-Austrian Economics

L. Carlos Lara-Robert P. Murphy-How Privatized Banking Really Works-Integrating Austrian Economics with the Infinite Banking Concept

The Infinite Banking Concept® is a privatized financial system
Becoming Your Own Banker® is a  privatized financial program

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